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  Custom Orthotic  

Custom Made Orthotics
& Insoles 

When we stand or walk, our bodies adjust in order to make contact with the ground. Over time, this may cause overpronation on one or both of our feet which may lead to a collapsed or fallen arch. When this occurs, the rest of our joints adjust as well. This postural adjustment negatively impacts our joints, cartilage, tendons, muscles, and neuromuscular system. We can help prevent it!!

Orthotics balance picture
  • Thoracic spine: 

    • Scoliosis, kyphosis​

    • nerve root compression

    • Rib flaring

    • surrounding muscular weakness including back extensors, rhomboids, lattisimus dorsi 

    • tight pectoralis muscles 

    • forward/rounded shoulders

    • scapular winging

    • tightness of the anterior chest wall muscles may make it more difficult to breathe

  • Cervical spine:

    • Increased cervical lordosis​

    • anterior translation of your head

    • tight upper trapezius muscles

    • tight neck flexors

    • overstretched/weakened neck extensors

    • headaches/migraines

    • nerve root compression

    • may cause temporary visual disturbances 

What is occurring at each joint and nearby

soft tissue as our body adjusts to make

contact with the ground in order for

us to stand and walk?

  • Ankle:

    • overpronation/inversion

    • pressure on the inside of the ankle joint, instability and weakness, nerve irritation and compression, achilles tendinitis, posterior tibial weakness, "shin splints", 

  • Knee:

    • A "knock kneed" or valgus alignment

    • pressure and break down on the inside of our knees

    • ITB tightness, break down of the medial meniscus, overstretched medial collateral ligament, stress on the ACL and PCL.

  • Hip: 

    • adduction/internal rotation

    • nerve compression, stress on the labrum, hamstring shortening/tension

  • Pelvis:

    • rotation, pelvic drop, anterior tilt

    • sciatica

    • piriformis syndrome

    • Weak pelvic floor muscles

  • Lumbar spine:

    • increased lumbar lordosis

    • nerve root compression

    • disc degeneration

    • Weak abdominal muscles​​

By wearing custom orthotics, you can correct your overall alignment and prevent this postural adjustment from occurring, by bringing the ground up to you, rather than bringing your body down to the ground. 

Reports of people after wearing custom orthotics and the correct shoe wear include:

  • Less or absence of pain/discomfort throughout their body most commonly; feet, ankle, knees, hips, back, and neck.

  • decreased muscle tightness and tension

  • increased standing tolerance-able to stand for longer periods of time

  • increased walking tolerance- able to walk longer distances

Orthotic fitting photo pronation

Custom Orthotic Fitting Process

We will bring the necessary material to perform the custom orthotic fitting process. This fitting can occur as part of your scheduled Physical Therapy session or during an alternative visit. The process entails taking measurements to show how your weight is distributed and taking a cast of your feet. The cast can be done with a foam box or by using plaster splints. The benefit to using one over the other can be explained to you upon scheduling your appointment. Once the cast is taken, it will be sent off to the lab along with your measurements. It should then take approximately 2 weeks for your custom orthotics to return. 

Orthotics are unfortunately not covered by your health insurance however, the cost will be equivalent to what the lab charges us to make them. Please inquire regarding the specific cost by clicking on the contact us button below or by calling (561) 501-1983.

Why Choose Us



Nancy Iagrossi

Sciatica Treatment

After six months of suffering sciatica, going to a chiropractor and acupuncture with no relief, I found this company and Dr. Kimberly Seman whom after 4 or 5 visits rendered me pain free. She is so knowledgeable about the body and I knew instantly after our first session I was on my way to recovery. I must also add how very sweet and kind she was as she performed her skills on me. I will be forever grateful to her.


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