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Sports Practice

  Sports Rehabilitation  

Orthopedics and Sports Physical Therapy

There are many causes of pain, discomfort, restriction, and dysfunction that may be limiting your ability to participate in your daily activities and/or the activities you love. 

  • Past or current injury

  • Acute conditions

  • Chronic conditions or disorders

  • Bio-mechanical dysfunction

  • Muscular imbalances


  • Neuromuscular dysfunction

  • Postural asymmetries 

  • Repetitive asymmetrical movement patterns

  • Abnormal gait pattern

  • Referred pain

Some may include

sports physical therapy

Once we determine the root cause(s) of your symptoms or dysfunction through our initial evaluation, together, we will establish a personalized care plan. We will then guide you through the most efficient program to get you feeling better and back to doing what you love in the least amount of time. You will leave us understanding your body with enough information and tools that will allow you to participate in your favorite activities and/or sports with maximum efficiency, while avoiding a recurrence of symptoms or future injury.  

Our Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapists

Your Therapist will first assess why you are having symptoms and determine where the restrictions, limitations, and dysfunctions are, and where they are stemming from. Once the root cause is determined, your therapist can control your acute symptoms and stimulate healing through manual therapy and modalities. Your therapist will then guide you through an individualized program of various stretches, exercises, and activities that are most beneficial to your recovery process. Education will be provided regarding various adaptations and changes that may be helpful for you on a daily basis. Your Therapist can also make specific recommendations on how you can alter the environment around you to help limit your current discomfort and to prevent the dysfunction from progressing further. We will always guide you through what will be helpful for you to do on days that you will not be working directly with your therapist. However, we are always available to assist and guide you along the way. Our goal is to guide you towards reaching and surpassing your goals. Your personalized program will get you feeling better in the least amount of time and allow you to quickly return to those days of functioning without limitations and get you back to doing what you love.

Manual cervical

Do you play a particular sport?

There are specific movement patterns involved in playing each individual sport. Your Therapist will guide your individual program towards training your body to perform optimally in order to get you back to participating in the sport you love safely and efficiently, in the least amount of time. 

Why Choose Us



Nancy Iagrossi

Sciatica Treatment

After six months of suffering sciatica, going to a chiropractor and acupuncture with no relief, I found this company and Dr. Kimberly Seman whom after 4 or 5 visits rendered me pain free. She is so knowledgeable about the body and I knew instantly after our first session I was on my way to recovery. I must also add how very sweet and kind she was as she performed her skills on me. I will be forever grateful to her.


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