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Speech Therapy: A Treatment for Speaking with Confidence and Intent

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Did you know almost 40 million Americans have speech disorders? These communication disorders affect how your words are received, how they are pronounced, and how you communicate with those around you. Speech Therapy targets these impairments by strengthening the muscles you use for speech, voice, swallowing, pitch, and tone.

The following factors allow you to vocalize with confidence and efficiency:

  • Thinking, recalling, and organizing your thoughts

  • Listening and interpreting what you hear

  • Arranging your words in a correct order

  • Using pitch and tone to convey emotions

Speech therapists treat a variety of speech and language disorders. One of the most common is called Aphasia. Aphasia is a neurological language disorder that impacts how you interpret and express verbal or written language.

There are different types of Aphasia depending on the part(s) of your brain that becomes affected. Each person’s experience may be different, but all issues can significantly impact your quality of life. Some examples of Aphasia include Global Aphasia, Broca’s Aphasia (non-fluent), and Wernicke’s Aphasia (fluent). Regardless of which Aphasia you may have, our Speech Therapists at F.I.T. PT can develop a treatment plan to help with the enhancement of fragmented speech, problems with word retrieval, and/or difficulty interpreting what others say.

During your initial evaluation process, one of our expert Speech Therapists will take into account your past and current medical history, the strengths and weaknesses you experience, and if applicable, your responsiveness to previous therapy techniques. The collection of this data will ensure your Speech Therapist can provide you with an individualized treatment plan centered on improving your communication and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Whether you have a chronic condition or you are recovering from acute trauma and are currently struggling with speech or language difficulties, our speech therapists’ at F.I.T. PT are here to help you every step of the way. Call and schedule your initial consultation today, and let us be part of your new journey!

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